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  • Can I get updates throughout the process?
    Of course! We know the process is lengthy, we love to keep our customers in the loop! We'll send you pictures and updates periodically, through the entire duration!
  • What if my flowers are already dried?
    This is fine! We've worked with flowers that have been air dried for over 10 years! We can accommodate special circumstances most of the time.
  • How do I ship my flowers?
    We have tips and tricks that we can provide you with to help you get your flowers to us in the best condition possible. If you're local, you can drop them off. Lastly, we can even pick up your flowers from you, for a small additional fee, as long as you're within a reasonable distance.
  • Can all flowers be preserved?
    Unfortunately, no. There are some flowers that don't do well under epoxy and we will discuss this with you before we get too far into the process. But, most flowers will be okay!
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